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Season Tickets - 2016/2017

Season ticket for sponsors:
Available for all own and guest performances (Please signal your reservation in time!)

Season ticket for adults:
Comedy of Errors, The Kissing Lady, The Campiello + one from Optional Performances I. (Same Time, Next Year, Made for Each Other, The Misleading Dowry, Maya - Szigligeti Theatre, Oradea) + one from Optional Performances II. (Stones in Pocket, Bartók's Pianino, The Presidents, Leave Lost in Wind - Csokonai National Theatre, Debrecen)

Season ticket for high-school students:
Comedy of Errors, Bartók's Pianino, The Kissing Lady, The Misleading Dowry

Season ticket for gymnasium students:
The Kissing Lady, The Misleading Dowry, The Jungle Book

Season ticket for elementary school students:
Cinderella, Ludas Matyi in Satmar, The Jungle Book

Season ticket for kindergarten:
The Three Pigs and the Wolf, Once Upon a Time... - Aranyszamár Theatre and Kabóca Puppet Theatre Veszprém, Story about the Bowl and the Spoon

Baia Mare Season ticket:
The Kissing Lady, The Campiello, Comedy of Errors, The Misleading Dowry

Tasnad Season ticket:
The Misleading Dowry, The Kissing Lady, The Jungle Book

Nagykároly Season ticket:
The Kissing Lady, Comedy of Errors, Same Time, Next Year, Stones in Pocket

Subscriptions can be purchase or renew starting on September 5 at the ticket agency (Horea street, 6, tel. 0261712106) Monday to Friday between 10.00 - 17.00 and Saturday between 10.00 - 13.00.
Theatre reserves the right to change the program!

Season tickets:

Season ticket for sponsors: 500 ron
Season ticket Ács Alajos: 120 ron
Season ticket: 90 ron
Students and senior season ticket: 55 ron
Pupil season ticket: 40 ron
Elementary school and kindergarden season tiket: 20 ron

Ticket prices:

Full price ticket:
     Balcony (upper floor): 10 RON
     Ground floor: 25 RON
     Lodge: 30 RON
     Central lodge (IX-XIII): 35 RON

Ticket price for students/retirees
     Balcony : 10 RON
     Ground floor: 18 RON
     Lodge: 25 RON
     Central lodge (IX-XIII): 30 RON

Ticket price for premiere:
     Balcony : 18 RON
     Ground floor: 35 RON
     Lodge: 40 RON
     Central lodge (IX-XIII): 45 RON

Ticket price for studio performances: 18 RON
Ticket price for puppet show: 10 RON

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