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Szatmárnémeti Északi Színház Harag György Társulat
Szőcs Géza
Photogallery: Raszputyin
Photogallery: Előadás
Archangels:Bándi Johanna Bogár Barbara Budizsa Evelyn Gál Ágnes Kovács Éva Laczkó Tekla László Zita Méhes Kati Rappert-Vencz Stella
Guseva, 18-20 years old girl :Bándi Johanna
G.J. Rasputin, 45 years old :Rappert-Vencz Gábor
Nicholas II. of Russia, 46 years old :Gaál Gyula
George V, king of England, 49 years old :Frumen Gergő
Wilhelm II., German Emperor :Orbán Zsolt
Franz Joseph I. of Austria, 84 years old :Zákány Mihály
Stiopa, 25 years old:Péter Attila Zsolt
Madame, 60 years old:Kovács Éva
Loulou, 16-17 years old :Budizsa Evelyn
Princip Gavrilo, 20 years old :Poszet Nándor
Valet:Varga Sándor
Waiter:Bogár Barbara
Marcel Proust:Gaál Gyula
Prince Felix Yusupov, 25 years old :Orbán Zsolt
Director: Sardar Tagirovsky inv.
Set design: Kupás Anna inv.
Costume designer: Kupás Anna inv.
Dramaturg: Sardar Tagirovsky inv.
Composer: Bakk Dávid László inv.
Musical coordinator: Manfrédi Annamária
Light designer: Sardar Tagirovsky inv. Székhelyi Dániel inv.
Dramaturg: Pável Réka inv. Szigeti Bálint inv.
Zeneszerző asszisztense: Szigeti Bálint inv.
Smink: Kupás Anna inv. Moldován Blanka
Performansz: Pável Réka inv.
Stage manager: Szabó Ritta
Assistant director: Székhelyi Dániel inv.
First performance:04/10/2019
About the performance

People are always attracted to the gift of prophecy, the prophet’s person. In the ancient Greek dramas one can caught the figure of the prophet. According to the then-world values science is equivalent of this profession, ability. But it's equivalent to the theatre, too. Which has a huge value in the eyes of the contemporary people. The theatre means festival and ritual for most of the citizens. This holiday gave the opportunity to connect higher forces. Our modern world is often hard questions this ”higher power”. A lot of fake people lives back to the people’s faith. It is a daily experience. We are going to fight for survive. It could not be that very different at the beginning of the 20. century, when everything was transformed, everything that the human being caught up as part of reality. The world of science and money placed the focus somewhere else


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